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Café Westmount 


The owner has been operating this business for over 5 years,  family members running it with love, care and passion! Very stable, solid income, low cost (everything included in the lease: hydro-electricity, management fees, taxes, lodgements, etc.). 3 people in total, 1-2 each shift; easy operation by book and code. Great opportunity!

Fast-food EATON Center


Group MTY's famous franchise, great business with detail support and quality control,  8% royalty rate (better than all other franchises) great promos and advertising. Increasing sales by 10% every year! Great potential. 

Most popular location with millions of customers, office employees, students, travelers, always busy!

The current owner is retiring in 2019, what a great chance!

The lease is till 2024 with an option to extend by 5 years.There is no renovation to do and the equipment is in excellent condition! 

Restaurant in Montreal


20 years Asian restaurant in a prestige location, high-end clienteles, 2 million sales every year, always busy for reservations, social events, wedding and other occasions.

23 employees and 3 chefs, 2 owners and their partners manage with care.  

Operational cost is a bit high, due to the clientele and Quebec business style, but it's manageable. 

Restaurant and trademark are for sale as well. 

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