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How to prepare your property for a real estate photoshoot

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Hiring a professional real estate photographer is one of the most important things, but before the photographer arrives, there are a few things that you should do to prepare your home.

This article will provide you with all of the information that you need to know about preparing your home to have professional real estate photos taken.

Remember, the more refined the residence, the more striking images are.

The more striking the images, the stronger is the perception among the potential buyer. 

Alright, let's start!


 • Make sure to clean the house to remove dust, stains and dirt

 • Make sure all bulbs work

 • Remove all traces of pets

 • Remove all personal photos and diplomas.

 • Remove all tissue boxes - remotes - superfluous cushions.

 • Storing / ordering libraries - Leave the minimum.


 • Counters empty to 99% (except one or two very beautiful objects). The counter is featured the most in a kitchen.

 • Kitchen sink free of soaps, linens, etc.

 • Make sure the lighting above the oven works

 • Arrange spices, recipe books, knives, utensil pots, etc.

 • Remove any stickers and fingerprints from the refrigerator


 • Make the beds and remove all clothes behind the doors

 • Hide remotes, cables, posters, personal photos

 Living rooms  - Basement

 • Remove all remotes - electronic games 

 • Make sure the electronic equipment wires are not visible

 • Clean fireplaces, wood stoves

 • Unclutter the rooms to show the space

 Shower room - bathrooms/washrooms

 • Remove all personal items, soaps, toothbrushes, washcloths

 • Free the bath/shower of all soap-bottles of shampoos, razors

 • Remove all mats, scales, bins. cleaning stuff

 • Remove any toilet paper storage, tissue boxes, medications

 Garage / outdoor - summer / winter

 • Clear entries / remove vehicles from the garage

 • Hide garbage cans, public bags, shovels, rakes

 • Sweep the leaves / clear the snow from the garage entrance, stairs

 • Make sure outdoor lighting is functional

 • In summer, mowing the lawn and landscaping the garden

 • Store utility items such as hoses, gardening items, children's toys

 • Arrange the lawn chairs where they should go and put their cushions

 • Clean the pool and / or open / activate the SPA

So, these are general tips and ideas on how to prepare your house for the best real estate photo shoot.

Ready to put your house on sale? Contact us, your real estate experts team! 

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